Several scored film scenes from an academic course I completed in film scoring at Berklee College of Music:


I like to compose music, especially soundtrack genre compositions. My tools include Sibelius and MuseScore notation software, Reaper as my sequencer (=Digital Audio Workstations or DAW) and for notation mock-ups, MIDI keyboards, and a KORG nanoKontrol Studio mixing board. I use many sampled instruments to compose, including EWQL Quantum Leap symphonic orchestra, Spitfire Audio’s Hans Zimmer Strings, Spitfire’s Albion One / Tundra / Iceni orchestral libraries, Audiobro’s Symphony Series libraries, and Heavocity’s FORZO and NOVO libraries.


Film Scoring Libraries I Use for Composing Film Music

Albion Film Scoring Library    Hans Zimmer Strings Library for Film Scoring

Monark Synthesizer for Film Scoring

String Ensemble for Composing Film Music    Woodwinds Library for Composing Film Music