Composing (Film Score Music)

I like to compose music, especially soundtrack genre compositions. My tools include Sibelius and MuseScore notation software, Reaper as my sequencer (=Digital Audio Workstations or DAW) and for notation mockups, MIDI keyboards, Casio Privia piano, and a KORG nanoKontrol Studio mixing board. I use many sampled instruments to compose, including EWQL Quantum Leap symphonic orchestra, Spitfire’s Hans Zimmer Strings, Spitfire’s Albion One Orchestral library, ProjectSAM’s Symphobia and Orchestral Essentials libraries, TrueStrike Tension, Evolve Mutations I and II, and several other composing libraries.

Here are a few examples of my composed music:

Here are some video clips I added music to for practice (I am in no way associated with these films, this was done purely for educational reasons; if anyone associated with these films wants their clip taken down just contact me and I will oblige.).

This scene from the horror film (The Dark) had no music in it originally. I added music to practice scoring a horror film scene:

An obscure Japanese horror film scene to which I composed some music:

A scene from the horror film Asylum. I composed some piano music to this tender moment scene:

I did my best to recreate the music to this love scene from the film The Legend of Hercules:

I added some music of my own this scene from the horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer:

I did my best to recreate the opening credits music to the horror film Final Destination: