I compose original and impactful music for film and television as well as music that stands on its own. Both music and film have been life-long passions of mine. I received formal training in film and television scoring from the prestigious Berklee College of Music where I learned to create music that fits the genre, goes with the energy and genre of a scene, and that does not interfere with dialogue or sound effects. I compose from my home studio with an extremely geeked out desktop computer workstation, and also at a coffee shop with a powerful laptop. I have access to hundreds of sampled virtual instruments, keyboards, mixing panels, a digital audio workstation, and mastering software. If you’re interested in working with me, send me a message. All my work is done virtually (no expensive recording studio with musicians needed)– I can help your project come to life musically no matter where you are in the world.

Software and hardware definitely helps for composing music on a computer, but the real work and the art form is knowing how to use the software, to think musically, to use a composer’s bag of tricks to tweak the virtual instruments to sound as close to those of musicians playing their instruments on a recording sound stage. I do my best to achieve this. I hope you enjoy my music, and if my style of composing is something you envision might work on a project you have in mind, please reach out to me to discuss the possibilities.

Mixing Board

Midi Keyboard
Fab Filters Pro R