Bad Reception

“Bad Reception” from my Album “ALONE”



I recently scored a 4 minute scene from HBO’s television series WestWorld for a composer scoring competion offered by HBO and SpitfireAudio. Here is my high intensity action cue for the scene that I composed:

Recently composed supernatural thriller-horror film music for an album titled “Alone”. Submitted for distribution via Ditto on July 7 2020, soon to be available for streaming on popular online music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and more.

Album Cover


Here are a few visual examples of my style and skills at composing music to film and television. All genres are represented– horror, comedy, suspense, action, romance, adventure, fantasy, and science fiction.
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with the production of the motion pictures shown here. Rather, these examples are a strong demonstration of my ability to compose music to picture. All works here fall under Fair Use law. These were and are for educational purposes only, as well as for transformative use. Many of the video clips were assignments from my courses at Berklee College of Music.



My submission to the HBO WestWorld scoring competition for composers :Video of HBO WestWorld Scoring Competition




I compose original and impactful music for film and television as well as music that stands on its own. Both music and film have been life-long passions of mine. I received formal training in film and television scoring from the prestigious Berklee College of Music where I learned to create music that fits the genre, goes with the energy and genre of a scene, and that does not interfere with dialogue or sound effects. I works out of my home studio where I have access to hundreds of sampled virtual instruments, keyboards, mixing panels, a digital audio workstation, and mastering software. If you’re interested in working with me, send me a message. All my work is done virtually– I can help your project come to life musically no matter where you are in the world.

Software and hardware definitely helps for composing music on a computer, but the real work and the art form is knowing how to use the software, to think musically, to use a composer’s bag of tricks to tweak the virtual instruments to sound as close to those of musicians playing their instruments on a recording sound stage. I do my best to achieve this. I hope you enjoy my music, and if my style of composing is something you envision might work on a project you have in mind, please reach out to me to discuss the possibilities.

Mixing Board

Midi Keyboard
Fab Filters Pro R


I compose music for film and television as well as standalone compositions. These are some examples of my compositions in a variety of genres. You can also view examples of my scoring of film and tv scenes in my demo reel.
  • INTENSE ACTION - randall oelerich
  • END CREDITS (Alone) - Randall Oelerich
  • MIRROR MIRROR - randall oelerich
  • ROBIN HOOD'S DEATH - randall oelerich
  • JORDAN'S THEME - randall oelerich
  • ALIEN CITY - randall oelerich
  • PIRATES BEWARE - randall oelerich
  • DAVINCI'S ANGELS - randall oelerich
  • AMBIENT CHILL - randall oelerich
  • LEAVING VEGA - randall oelerich
  • SNEAKING AROUND - randall oelerich
  • A QUESTION OF TIME - randall oelerich
  • WHAT'S DOWN THERE? - randall oelerich
  • EXPLORING HAUNTED COTTAGE - randall oelerich
  • CONTEMPLATION - randall oelerich
  • PRESIDENTIAL - randall oelerich
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