Bad Reception

“Bad Reception” from my Album “ALONE”



I recently scored a 4 minute scene from HBO’s television series WestWorld for a composer scoring competion offered by HBO and SpitfireAudio. Here is my high intensity action cue for the scene that I composed:

Recently composed supernatural thriller-horror film music for an album titled “Alone”. Submitted for distribution via Ditto on July 7 2020, soon to be available for streaming on popular online music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and more.

Album Cover


I am a music composer currently based in Duluth, Minnesota USA, part of the Arrowhead Region of northern Minnesota. I am always busy composing in a variety of music genres. Film music is a my favorite type of music, so if the right project comes my way I can score film music for a filmmaker anywhere in the world, remotely.  I have a composing studio and an amazing collection of music instrument (‘sample’) libraries to orchestrate composed music using high quality real instrument sounds. I can be contacted using my contact form on this site. I pursue a variet of art forms including music composing, oil painting, drawing, and photography.


Examples of my Art
Forms of art that I pursue as an artist.


Hello. I am a composer based in Duluth, Minnesota. I compose music including media and film music compositions. Here are some of my original compositions as a mix of genres. As for film music composing, my demo Reel shows scored cues of film scenes (password on request).


A track from a Spotify album I composed :

Album Cover


My submission to the HBO WestWorld scoring competition for composers :Video of HBO WestWorld Scoring Competition


  • INTENSE ACTION - randall oelerich
  • END CREDITS (Alone) - Randall Oelerich
  • MIRROR MIRROR - randall oelerich
  • ROBIN HOOD'S DEATH - randall oelerich
  • JORDAN'S THEME - randall oelerich
  • ALIEN CITY - randall oelerich
  • PIRATES BEWARE - randall oelerich
  • DAVINCI'S ANGELS - randall oelerich
  • AMBIENT CHILL - randall oelerich
  • LEAVING VEGA - randall oelerich
  • SNEAKING AROUND - randall oelerich
  • A QUESTION OF TIME - randall oelerich
  • WHAT'S DOWN THERE? - randall oelerich
  • EXPLORING HAUNTED COTTAGE - randall oelerich
  • CONTEMPLATION - randall oelerich
  • PRESIDENTIAL - randall oelerich
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If you have a film or media or television project that needs original composed music, a film score or television score, I can create original music for your project. I enjoy the creative process of coming up with musical themes and harmonies and countermelodies for compositions, and every project that needs music is unique. Though I am wanting to compose music for a video project such as film, tv, or media, or even a game, I still enjoy composing to simply create music for ‘albums’ to put up on streaming music services such as Spotify or iTunes– so I will keep composing until the right outside project comes along. –randall_oelerich