Composing Tools

These are some of the tools I use for composing music in general, as well as for composing film music and film scores, including composing software using high quality actual sampled instruments (real musicians play real instruments that are then recorded every possible way so that the composer has real instrument played notes to compose with). MIDI keyboards, MIDI mixing sound boards, monitoring speakers, pro headphones and a digital audio workstation (I use Reaper).


Spitfire Audio's Symphonic Orchestra and Masse Strings Library
Spitfire Audio’s Symphonic Orchestra and Masse Strings Library for creating realistic orchestral music compositions.


Digital Audio Workstation
Digital Audio Workstation (daw) for Film and Media Scoring and Composing Music.


Hans Zimmer Strings
Hans Zimmer Strings library for amazing string composing


BBC Symphony Orchestra
BBC Symphony Orchestra by Spitfire Audio, for Orchestral Compositions


Eric Whitacre Choir
Award Winning Eric Whitacre Choir for composing using choir voices


Symphony Series Solo Woodwinds
Solo Woodwinds for composing music


Orchestral Swarm composing library
Orchestral SWARM library of evolving atonal orchestral instruments


Percussion Swarm
Percussion Swarm library of evolving atonal percussive instruments


FORZO Brass Library
FORZO brass library to use for composing to achieve realistic brass instruments


Spitfire Solo Strings
Solo strings library for composing emotional soloed string melodies


Vento Woodwinds library
Vento Woodwinds library from Heavyocity. Amazing wood instruments for composing music for film scores.


Spitfire MASSE instrument
Masse is an exclusive strings library with unique sounds like epic and haunting cool strings


Acquired New Instrument Libraries

Acquired several new instrument libraries during the xmas sale period of 2019– Hans Zimmer Percussion, Orchestral Swarm, Percussion Swarm, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Solo Strings, Eric Whitacre Choir. Also acquired some sound sweetening plugins from Izotope including Neutron Elements, Ozone Elements, and RX 7 audio editor.