Film scoring tools used to compose film music
Film composing scoring tools


Film Scoring Audio demo reel (3 min) – Action, Drama, Sad, Magic Fantasy, Comedy, Grandeur, Horror

Film Scoring Tools to Compose Film Music

My film music composing tools include Sibelius and MuseScore notation software, Reaper DAW sequencer, MIDI keyboards, and a KORG nanoKontrol Studio mixing board. Also many sampled instruments to compose, including EWQL Quantum Leap symphonic orchestra, Spitfire Audio’s Symphonic Orchestra, Hans Zimmer Strings, Spitfire’s Albion Collection orchestral libraries, Audiobro’s Symphony Series libraries, and Heavocity’s FORZO and NOVO libraries. –randall_oelerich

Film Scoring Demo Reel

NOTE: The following video/audio clips from films are used here for educational scholarly purposes learning film scoring, many as part of a composing for film class from Berklee College of Music. If any film studios that own rights to these films have an issue with this please contact me and I will gladly remove the clips from public viewing. I am using the short film clips for practice film scoring composition under the Fair Use Copyright act.


Here are a few audio examples of my composed film scoring music. –randall_oelerich:

Film Scoring Libraries Used for Composing Film Music

Film scoring orchestral library

Albion Film Scoring Library    Hans Zimmer Strings Library for Film Scoring

Monark Synthesizer for Film Scoring

String Ensemble for Composing Film Music    Woodwinds Library for Composing Film Music


Randall Oelerich started music in high school, learning to play the twelve-string guitar, then studying classical guitar, and then learning to compose music using computers combined with digital audio workstations (DAW), notation programs (Sibelius, MuseScore), and high quality instrument sample libraries (strings, orchestral, and synthesizers). He received formal training in composing from the Berklee College of Music.

In addition to music, Randall Oelerich likes to draw, paint, sculpt and do photography. Here are a few examples of his visual art:
Mixing Board


  • MIRROR MIRROR (horror) - randall oelerich
  • ACTION-THRILLER - randall oelerich
  • INTENSE ACTION - randall oelerich
  • END CREDITS (Alone) - randall oelerich
  • ROBIN HOOD'S DEATH - randall oelerich
  • HIGHLANDS - randall oelerich
  • EDM Electronic Dance Music - randall oelerich
  • ALIEN CITY - randall oelerich
  • DAVINCI'S ANGELS - randall oelerich
  • DRAMA (soft piano and strings) - randall oelerich
  • PIRATES BEWARE - randall oelerich
  • SAD DRAMA - randall oelerich
  • AMBIENT CHILL - randall oelerich
  • LEAVING VEGA - randall oelerich
  • SNEAKING AROUND - randall oelerich
  • A QUESTION OF TIME - randall oelerich
  • JORDAN'S THEME - randall oelerich
  • WHAT'S DOWN THERE? - randall oelerich
  • EXPLORING HAUNTED COTTAGE - randall oelerich
  • CONTEMPLATION - randall oelerich
  • PRESIDENTIAL - randall oelerich
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